Friday 13th March 2015 at 14:46

Signs of the Times

Old signs are are not only decorative but they give us an insight into the era in which they were in common use - the designs and typography used can say much about what was going on in graphic design over the centuries. 
The 19th century was a rich and prolific period for sign writers. At that time nearly all signs were hand painted - sign writers developed more and more florid type faces so that their elegant signs would stand out from the more ordinary ones.
Pub signs were often the most challenging as they required actual paintings of the animal or the illustrious person after whom the pub was named - The White Hart, The Stag, The Crown, The Duke of who-jam-a-flip to name just a few!
Gold leaf was often used to outline the lettering and deep shadow lines around letters gave more drama - all these techniques were highly regarded. 
To be a Sign Writer in the 19th century would have been a skilled metier to be proud of and as with many trades would have been passed on through the generations.
To be continues....