Sculptor`s Stands

Thursday 9th August 2012 at 23:30
These are such interesting pieces of `furniture` or perhaps `equipment` is a more appropriate word.  I have always loved `collections` of things and these old Sculptor`s stands conjure up images of Rodin, Camille Claudel, Michelangelo in their cold, dark and dusty studios - chipping away on some amazing masterpiece.  
It`s intriging to see the different ways they are constucted and to wonder who has used them in the past and what they may have created with the aid of these stalwart assistants. 
Here we show some of the more unusual ones that we have had in the shop over the years.
"I like the idea that they have all finally met each other - as if on their own social network site - maybe they will reveal some secrets to one another after `lights out` and tell stories about the beautiful carved marble or stone `busts` that they have supported in the past or perhaps they were used by someone working in clay or plaster - I would love to hear their tales about the artists they have literally supported".
Nowadays they find themselves more in the roll of supporting artifacts in private homes - often in fabulous apartments or houses where they may simply have a modern sculptor or a vase to display - a calmer life - like retired workers - finally taking it easy after the drama of their past lives.......