French Artists` Materials Catalogue Prints -circa 1900

Saturday 11th August 2012 at 22:26

These prints come from a French catalogue depicting artists` materials from the early 20th century when Paris was the epicentre for young artists from around the world.  
Aspiring artists would come to study and seek inspiration in the renowned atmosphere of the `Rive Gauche` - indeed the `rue de Seine` is printed on one of these prints as the supplier of these artists`brushes and tools. It is appropriate then that nowadays Rue de Seine is still an important centre for art being a chic street leading to Le Pont des Arts with many Art Galleries and smart shops.
  This set of 5 prints show the various types of brushes, palette knives and combs available for oil painting, water colours, sculpting and special effects on furniture.  Most of the items seen in these prints would still be around today in one form or another but it is the way in which these catalogues were laid out that make these replicas so decorative and appealing.
Framed with fine moulded frames these prints will fit with many decorative styles and make both interesting and decorative features for walls in a variety of spots in the house.
Framed prints £285 each
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